Former NBA player Steve Castleberry shares his NBA experience

At one time Steve played at Ryder University, made several appearances for Philadelphia 76, and then played for about 5 years in clubs abroad. The first player he oversaw in the NBA was actually Yao Ming, leading to the legendary “era of basketball in Philadelphia.
Steve Castleberry is considered to be the tallest agent in Florida, standing at 7 feet.

Castleberry played in the basketball era, which was based on toughness and anger. He independently built his career on the strategy that you need to make your opponent obey you and only in this way can you defeat him. This approach is the main reason why Steve is not keen on watching NBA games today.

Steve is not eager to watch NBA players deliberately show aggression towards each other. In this interview, Steve makes a reference to some of the famous NBA basketball players who make their careers on this strategy. It means that it is very difficult to observe such, knowing that you did exactly the same, but considered it a manifestation of intensity in the game and a sign of competition. But now, as a spectator, I’m sure that it shouldn’t be that way, this is no longer basketball. You can always see better from the outside.