Marina Shafir is one of the best active female MMA fighters

Today Marina Shafir talks about her career, her difficult path and how she copes with the negativity from the fans. Many people now often approach Marina Shafir for an autograph. The fighter is very happy and gladly agrees to chat with fans. At the first meeting, Marina Shafir may seem like a very shy and modest woman, but this passes quickly. Many call this her feature and even a symbol of her career.
Marina’s creative career began with amateur sports and only later she made her professional debut. It is getting better every day exponentially.

In her interviews, Marina Shafir often talks about how she was bullied in childhood, how she got into different fights and she had to decide everything on her own.

It’s hard to be an MMA fighter, and a female MMA fighter is even harder. Marina talks about endless training sessions before the battles, which last for several hours.

In one of her interviews, Marina said “You are the only one who considers himself successful.”
You cannot avoid criticism from people. The best way to deal with hate is to let people express the thoughts they want. However, not the slightest influence of this opinion on you and on your plans should be allowed, otherwise people will notice it and will use them.